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Closed Project

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Winter 2005


Charles Weber

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Innovation Management

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EMGT 510/610


Firefighting, as it is called in the management literature, is commonly seen during the final phases of project, as enough resources are not available to tackle the problems in hand. As more and more projects get pushed into the pipeline, the engineering team falls behind the amount of projects on hand leading to firefighting. If not curtailed quickly, it might end up being the de facto standard of doing business. This article will look into the various aspects like the large number of projects, ever changing priorities and aggressive commitments that lead to the design team being pushed into the firefighting mode. The effects of a company in firefighting mode are dangerous as it significantly affects the morale and the team along with other issues like parts been either under-designed or over-designed, testing being compromised, lack of long range development, etc. Finally, this paper talks about the ways to prevent firefighting.


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