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Dundar F. Kocaoglu

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Management of Engineering & Technology

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EMGT 520


Through an early empirical study of the success of business process reengineering, Grover et al. determined that radical change must be directed from the top of an organization to be successful. This requires the integration of information technology strategy, where there is alignment of information systems with corporate strategy [13]. Grover et al. 's findings may help future organizations realize the importance of information technologies in designing overall information system and business strategies within the framework of business process reengineering. Research performed in this field supports their claim that reengineering is closely tied to top-management support and commitment to the process [2], [15], [17], [30]. Research also supports the correlation between the integration of information technology strategy and successful reengineering [8], [9], [24], [26], [29]. However, six major weaknesses and gaps were uncovered in Grover et al. 's findings: 1) the premise that integrating information technology implies topmanagement support for business process reengineering, 2) the cross-functional nature of business process reengineering, 3) the critical success factors and risks, 4) the criteria used to measure success, 5) the impact of technology driven business process reengineering, and 6) the alignment criteria for integrating information technology. The results of this critical analysis suggest that additional empirical studies are required to measure the correlation between the critical success factors and business process reengineering success.


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