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Closed Project

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Fall 2004


Dragan Milosevic

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Project Management

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EMGT 545/645


Project management, Freightliner Corporation -- Management, Diesel motor -- Parts -- Design and construction, Technology -- Management


Adequate project planning more often than not is the defining characteristic between successful and unsuccessful projects. The complexities of modern age projects, which often encompass a multitude of smaller projects, give rise to the necessity of project planning. It is because of this complexity that projects can no longer measure success based exclusively on deadlines and budget requirements. Effectiveness, efficiency, strategy, spirit, organization and processes are critical to the execution of a successful project.

Utilizing these tools among others, this paper develops a the project planning strategy for creating a project team at Freightliner, LLC (FTL) to devise new routings for HVAC, electrical, fuel and pneumatic components on a Detroit Diesel (DDC) S60 heavy truck engine. The DDC S60 engine is the most frequently requested engine in Freightliner trucks. While each individual FTL designed component overlaid and added to this engine is well documented, when the designs were created little consideration was taken to develop designs which worked concurrently with each other. After years of modifications on each component without the use of cross-functional communication and design, routing of these components has become an installation nightmare and caused frustration with customers. This problem has given rise to higher costs, increased warranty claims and on overall displeasing appearance. FTL management, in result decided to establish a team to redesign these components with cross-functionality in mind. Cost and warranty reduction and decreased installation time are major components driving this project.


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