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Closed Project

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Spring 6-1-2017


Charles M. Weber

Course Title

Strategic Management of Technology

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ETM 526


This research covers and reviews the comprehensive literature in the models and frameworks of competition and strategy. Strategic management research is shaped around a core question that why some firms are more profitable than others; Several major lines of work have emerged in the strategic management field since its infancy. These include industrial organization, the resource-based view and dynamic capabilities. Also, Competition per se has been the focus of scholars of industrial economics and structural analysis, strategic groups and configurations, game theory, and competitive dynamics. In this research, I represent and summarize different perspectives of scholars in framing competition and strategy that is related to theory of the firm and differential firm performance; also, I show that there is a trend from static to dynamic frameworks of strategy and competition which have tried to find an answer to differential firm performance. Finally, I conclude by addressing the potential for utilizing new dynamic and systemic perspectives in relation to theorizing our ideas.


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