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Closed Project

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Spring 2004


Dundar Kocaoglu

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Project Management in Engineering and Technology

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EMGT 545/645


Formula One automobiles -- Design and construction, Project management, Engineering -- Management, Engineering students


The following document outlines the general principles of project management as they apply to the Formula SAE project specifically. Included in this manuscript are suggestions for success relating to managing an efficient team within this very specific academic/professional environment. Concepts gathered in many different areas of project management are compiled to help any Formula team overcome obstacles that may arise throughout the duration of the venture. These include but are not limited to Organization & Planning, Conflict & Negotiation, Budgeting, Scheduling, Resource Allocation, Monitoring & Control, Auditing, and Project Termination.

The document portrays the need for balance between to much infrastructure and not enough to ensure that the appropriate amount is used in organizing the project. The key areas in project planning are communication and planning. It is also strongly recommended that leverage from previous years occur for all areas of this report. Also, it is noted that organization and continual modification of the project plan results in added success. Lastly, it is important to document progress and inform stakeholders as well as team members.

Note: The presentation associated with this report is included as a supplemental file.


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