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Closed Project

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Summer 2004


Dragan Milosevic

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Capstone Project

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EMGT 589/689


PacifiCorp -- Management, Business continuity planning, Project management, Crisis management


“Business continuity planning (BCP) has received more attention and emphasis in the past few years than it has probably had cumulatively during the past several decades.” [1] Disruptions to business operations can happen in various different ways. From the loose/bad cable that connects network to the Internet, to a bad hard drive in the Database server, a power outage, all the way to a valuable employee moving on from the company. These disruptions are common to business operations. Unfortunately not until the events of September 11th did companies view BCP as a necessity in their corporate policy structure unless mandated by certain regulations by the nature of the business. Even than the beginning focus for BCP was on catastrophic disasters not realizing the likelihood of an event is less likely compared to a disruption like a power outage.

The focus of this project is to adhere to the policy mandate by PacifiCorp in integrating BCP into all levels of the business structure. Instead of incorporating BCP once a service or product is in production, PacifiCorp is looking at a proactive approach in incorporating BCP within new services or products by integrating the processes within Project Life Cycle. All finished projects will have BCP associated with them once they are released.

Please note, the information contained in this report is confidential and proprietary to PacifiCorp. A Non-Disclosure Agreement has been signed by Portland State University, PacifiCorp and Gordon Chan.


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