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Closed Project

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Winter 2004


Timothy Anderson

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Operations Research

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EMGT 540/640


United States. Navy -- Recruiting enlistment etc., Navy Recruiting District Portland -- Management, Operations research, Resource allocation


Navy Recruiting District (NRD) Portland is responsible for recruiting qualified individuals into the Naval Service from a territory of over 430,000 square miles, covering parts of 7 states and 3 time zones, with Headquarters in Portland, OR. Within the NRD there are 3 Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS) where applicants actually join the Navy. The MEPS are located in Portland, OR, Salt Lake City, UT, and Boise, ID. Serving these MEPS are 37 Navy Recruiting Stations (NRS), each staffed with 1-5 personnel as recruiters and supervisors, which are divided into 7 Zones of geographical territory. The allocation of personnel and material assets throughout the NRD is a function of the civilian population density, the propensity to enlist, logistics, the density of high schools/colleges/vocational schools, and the personnel assigned to NRD Portland (distribution of rank, experience, specialties, tour of duty, etc.). Factors involved in the success or failure of the 31 NRDs throughout the country include the local economies of the cities within the region, weather, local politics (with respect to the military), availability of resources (government vehicles, airports, IT equipment, etc.), the recruiting goals set by the Pentagon, current world events, advertising and marketing (national and local), the sales ability of NRD personnel and the quality of their associated training. Given the details of the concerns, what is the best distribution of the assets, both material and personnel, of NRD Portland to optimize the use of available resources?


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