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Closed Project

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Fall 2003

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Project Management

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EMGT 545/645


This paper attempts to explore the theory that as a project grows in scope so too will the formal risk management techniques used by the project manager. This paper studies how uncertainty and complexity of projects impact what general types of risk management are used, and how formal those risk management techniques are. To examine this possible trend, we created a simple survey to examine multiple components of scope, risk, and more generic information about multiple projects. We chose Intel project managers as our focus group because the company has a large pool of people working on a wide rage of project scopes. We sent out 1197 surveys and received 68 responses. After removing invalid surveys, we had 52 valid responses. We then analyzed the data based on two categories; a two-dimensional model of uncertainty and complexity and a four-step assessment of risk management. Next, we classified the data and compared it to Shenhar’s and Pinto’s articles in order to find the similarity and difference. Our data analysis did show a positive trend between a project’s UC Score and an increase formal risk mitigation processes.


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