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Closed Project

Publication Date

Fall 2003


Dragan Milosevic

Course Title

Project Management

Course Number

EMGT 545/645


Executive Summary

We used project management concepts to analyze Twinkle Mining and Production (TM&P) to compare and evaluate their project management to the PM practices. We focused our project in subjects such as: project performance, project organizational structure and culture, the project administrative teams, and the project management techniques. Our methodology throughout this project was to concentrate on applying the theories leamed in class, analyzing the management tools, the process and the organization used in the TM&P project. As a result we came up with many questions about the organization and how the project was developed. FortUnately, we had a person who works in the company where the project took place, and through her and her colleagues, we could get the information necessary to have a better understanding and to get answers to our specific questions. It definitely helped us a lot since we chose a real project, and we wanted to analyze the real conditions in which the project took place. Another important part of our project was coming up with conclusions and recommendations. In this part we disclose what can be improved in the project, and also, what we have learned by doing this project.


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