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Closed Project

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Spring 2003


Dragan Milosevic

Course Title

Communications and Team Building

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EMGT 522/622


Executive Summary

In this report our team will be completing a self-diagnosis on itself throughout the EMGT 522 – Communications and Team Building class in Spring 2003. Our team is a very diverse team consisting of six students. We have reviewed the class materials, the requirements and our performance in completing the requirements for the course. This is accomplished in order to find deficiencies in our processes and improve them in the future. We believe that having the ability to look back and complete a “post-mortem” analysis on our performance is very important to the individual growth of each student. The self-diagnosis consisted of an analysis of many factors that have contributed or detracted from the team. The first factor that was analyzed was the growth of the team. Our team followed a sequence in its collective emotional development. We fit into the model of four stage of team development (Scholtes, Joiner and Streibel, 2001). We believe that we achieved potential team status and were working toward real team status. The other factor was the issues we faced. When analyzing the issues we categorized them into several areas: team communication, performance, language barrier, participation, enthusiasm, meeting roles, commitment and organization. Most of our issues dealt with team communication and performance. These are the areas we learned the most about in our analysis. We focused during this report on learning from the issues that we had and putting an individual action plan into place that we could take with us into our next classes.


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