Document Type

Closed Project

Publication Date

Fall 2002


Timothy Anderson

Course Title

Operations Research in Engineering and Technology Management

Course Number

EMGT 540/640


Production scheduling -- Mathematical models, Oregon Health & Science University, Production management, Operations research -- Case studies


Oregon Health and Science (OHSU) is an institution, which provides education for health and high- technology professionals, scientists and environmental engineers. Furthermore, it offers patient care to the Oregon community and undertakes biomedical research.

In our project we concentrate on Field Technical Services (FTS) that is a sub department of OHSU Information Technology Group. Technicians employed in the department deliver software and hardware support and users administration services. Currently they do not have a tool, which would distribute workload evenly among technicians. There is also extensive variance in job performance among the technicians.

In the first part of the report we describe the current process how the Field Technical Services department operates and how workload gets assigned to the technicians. We also address difficulties that we encountered while collecting necessary data for our project. We close this section with the problem identification.

In the second part we attempt to formulate a spreadsheet model to address the problem. Following the class book standards for the algorithm, we depict the model and analyze the solution.

The third part of the report focuses on our objective to develop a user- friendly Visual Basic application, which interfaces with our spreadsheet model and could serve as a

decision making tool for FTS mangers. It allows them to customize their inputs and presents results in a very transparent way.

As a conclusion we recommend improvements in several areas.


This project is only available to students, staff, and faculty of Portland State University

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