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Closed Project

Publication Date

Fall 2002


Dragan Milosevic

Course Title

Project Management in Engineering and Technology

Course Number

EMGT 545/645


Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology -- Management, Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology -- Recording and registration -- Technological innovations, Project management


Our project deals with assessing the current processes involved in the management of a registration system for an event namely – PICMET – [Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology] and to scrutinize the management of the registration system, test its effectiveness, and if found, to make recommendations for corrective action. A significant part of this project is comparing the results with the literature research of our findings with the standard methodologies and principles used in Project Management.

The following report covers various aspects of how the registration process was previously managed, the tools and methodologies used, the teams and their responsibilities and analyzes the data obtained from these resources and compare it with our literature research findings. With the result of our findings and data gathering, we came up with tools, methodologies and principles of Project Management which could be applied to the registration system. All the tasks, activities and responsibilities of the project and the members of the team are clearly represented in the project life cycle, the work breakdown structure and flow charts.


This project is only available to students, staff, and faculty of Portland State University

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