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This project presents the application of several total quality (TQ) tools that are used for to improve AVF (Aurotech) Technologies existing meeting room-booking system. To figure out and work on any problems our problem-solving process composed of analyzing the problem at the beginning and generating and implementing the new ideas with the help of these tools. Following pages will show, in detail, these TQ tools and their contribution to our project. This project also focuses on the Deming Cycle composed of Plan, Do, Study and Act stages and that are used for our project implementation, but, in our case, these stages did not followed same order as the original. For example, identifying the major problems of the Room Booking System was our first step of the problem-solving process that we worked on. In this step, we used two questionnaires to collect data from employees and management by using both questionnaires, we did our Study part. Then some quality control tools are used in order to support quality improvement problem solving efforts. Three Quality control tools used (Do) and those are flowcharts, histograms and Causeand- effect diagrams. Using the flowcharts offers more advantages to understand their usual booking activities and the secretary's booking process also it helped us to solve the problem of Helpdesk's booking process. Moreover, the histograms show the number of each major problem and statistical observations. Furthermore, the cause-and-effect diagram for the Room Booking System is used to present a chain of cause and helped us to sort out causes of room availability, equipment, communication, personal and transparency. After dealing with these problems, the second steps of this project was (Plan) continuously working on generating ideas by brainstorming for solving each problem and then match these solutions to the company's culture. Following that we were back to again evaluating and selecting ideas that are used for determining whether the solutions achieve each Room Booking system's required targets which put us back to Study and Do stage. After that, the last step for us was implementing the findings (Act), on this step we proposed the solutions and they are accepted for implementation at the company. After proposing and suggesting the new ideas to the company our next move was try to detect any improvements by getting feedback and discussing the progress of the new Room Booking System, but still evaluating the possible new information to solve each upcoming problems. However, this project can not solve some major problems due to the fact that some solutions require extended time to implement and complete. For example, implementing an online booking system, which will bring a permanent and technological solution to their problems. Additionally, the problems that are result of management's strategies are not solvable in short term and not solvable if the management is not dedicated to TQ principles. But, this project presents some useful TQ tools and also shows how these tools helped us to solve some problems of AVF (Aurotech) Room Booking System.


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