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Dragan Milosevic

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Capstone Project

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EMGT 589/689



Intel University frequently receives requests to create custom courses for its customers. To date, there has been no formal procedure or process to deal with these custom requests and more often than not, the requests are left unfilled due to resource and time limitations. When the requests are filled, it often takes many months to complete the custom order resulting in a long turnaround time for the customer. As the number of custom course requests increase, the Manager of the Employee Development department at Intel Corporation, Debbie Watson, felt a strategy needed to be created around servicing the custom needs of IU’s customers. Watson formed a project team to execute the project called Intel University Rapid Response Team Project (IURRTP). IURRTP had two main purposes: 1. To develop a process to deal with custom requests from customers. 2. To test run a project (Critical Thinking in Organizations) and discover a practical timeline for the project. Preferably the project would be completed in 6 weeks however this goal will need to be tested. The focus of this paper will be to trace the IURRTP as it relates to the five step process to run a project as described by the Project Management Institute. Namely, as illustrated in Figure 1, the paper will trace each phase of the project management process groups:


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