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Like any other university resident student retention is vital to the success of Portland State University as well. Students enrolled in colleges and universities are living in luxury compared to decades past (Swanquist, 2000). Institutions of higher education must meet the demands of its consumers in order to compete for student enrollment "Research has shown that living in residence halls enhances a student's life on campus. Residence hall residents typically have higher GPAs, retain their grades longer, take more credit hours and have a better opportunity to form connections with faculty members on campus. They also have an opportunity to be more involved in leadership opportunities on campus." (Argon, 1997). Colleges are in constant competition with other institutions and with off-campus housing options (Froehlich, 1996). Therefore it is necessary for institutions to improve the services provided in order to enhance the quality of life for students, foster academic development, and increase residence retention rates (Cleave, 1996). This paper is a case study research conducted by a team of five graduate students from the Engineering and Technology Management Department of Portland State University. This study was conducted to find answers to the following research questions. " How satisfied are the existing students with the quality of life in Portland State University dormitories. " How to improve quality of life and customer satisfaction in Portland State University dormitories. Findings in this paper came out of the actual fieldwork conducted by the research team in one of the PSU dormitory, the west hall. Research team collected data from eight theoretical samples to come up with their findings.


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