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Closed Project

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Winter 2003


Dragan Milosevic

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Communications and Team Building

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EMGT 522/622


Executive Summary

This report is an analysis of the evolving and learning process for team T&T throughout the accomplishment of a specific time limited project via a continuous teamwork. The performance of the team right through this process is evaluated from the early forming stage to becoming a real team. To carry out this analysis, the course material of Team Building & Communication class, the literature, and our individual and team observations are used. If we analyze the successful teams in the world, we can easily see that the most successful ones are not the ones composed of the best team players. Individual’s qualities don’t mean everything for success. Therefore, for this analysis it is necessary to realize that our team members don’t exhibit the excellent combination for success but there is an important process of becoming a high performing team throughout this process. The method used to examine this evolving process is application of a model, which was created by our own team. Also in this report, we focused on the factors that either contributed to or detracted from our team’s performance. By using our model, based on our observations, we tried to point out some important issues, which affected especially our learning process. In the “learning process” section, we tried to find answers of why and how the things happened in terms of a common language, the language of team building and communication.


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