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Closed Project

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Winter 2003


Dragan Milosevic

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Communications and Team Building

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EMGT 522/622



A virtual team is a group of individuals who constantly pursue shared objectives while based at distance work sites. Therefore, they frequently communicate using electronic “virtual” means. Virtual team have become crucial, yet over 50% of them fail to accomplish their objectives! Why? The answer is that long distances and cultural differences breakdown in working relationships, communications, trust, individual contribution and thus productivity. This research paper analyses the three most common issues that surrounds virtual teams and provides a set of recommendations that can improve productivity & ensure success in virtual teams. 1. Trust in Virtual Teams, 2. Communication in Virtual Teams, 3. Individual contribution in Virtual Teams, Trust is the cure to the fears and risks that prevent meaningful communication & commitment. Trust means confidence in team leadership and vision. When trust prevails, team members are more willing to go through a difficult process, enduring ups, downs, risk and potential loss as a team. Once trust is instilled into a team this will open the doors to communication. Communication is a challenging organizational issue regardless of size or industry type. Ineffective communication creates barriers and the task becomes more complex. Once lines of communication open with the teammates and managers, it helps the team to work together and overcome the barriers. Finally individual contribution allows teams’ members and teams to be more productive and efficient in day-to-day behaviors. In conclusion this paper analyzed various aspects of virtual teams and provides set of recommendations that can be practiced in order to ensure a successful of virtual team.


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