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Ramin Neshati

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Decision Making

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ETM 530/630


Because of dramatically increasing data called “Big Data.” As the Big Data market grows, new products and new technologies related to NoSQL have emerged dramatically in recent years. A number of enterprises relying on relational databases for supporting their businesses during decades have turned to utilize NoSQL database system. Since most NoSQL products are open source and low cost to get start, many small companies for preparing to introduce NoSQL system to utilize their data as their property. However, because there are too many NoSQL products on the market as open source these days, this makes small companies difficult for choosing a proper NoSQL product. At this point, the study of NoSQL selection has significant worth. For this project, a Hierarchical Decision Model (HDM) is used as a method to evaluate criteria, factors, and alternatives. For design HDM, I found several criteria and factors as the sub-criteria of the criteria from the research. However, this model has limitation for more accurate evaluation. In particular, the factors need to be redefined by the characteristic of each project, the type of data, or the business environment.


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