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Closed Project

Publication Date

Fall 1996


Dundar Kocaoglu

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ETM 520


"A comparison of R&D Project Termination Factors In Four Industrial Nations" analyzes the experience of firms industrially advanced countries in R&D project termination in four countries: the United States, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom. The decision making that managers have to do to put an for an ongoing projects by means of obstacles or failure. The discriminating factors from these pools differ from country to country. Many factors had similar weights and similar effects. Other factors had different weights because of cultural differences. These 16 factors were observed in the four countries studied, it is likely the same factors appear in other countries as well, with similar economies, technologies, and methods to R&D. Nevertheless, the weight of individual factors may be different. It is evident that for countries with confined markets and lower levels of technologies the factors might be the same.


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