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Closed Project

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Fall 1996


Dundar Kocaoglu

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ETM 520


There has been an increase in training development and implementation nation wide in various industries, yet there is no clear definition of the benefits or measure of their impact. This research focused mainly on literature reviews, the data presented about the training programs through out the country. We interviewed a training specialist to confirm our ideas. Why corporations invest in training, how they implement their training programs, and what measures they take in evaluating the effectiveness of these programs was the focus of this work. We analyzed the trends and the data on where corporations focus their investment for training, the type of investment they make, and the programs they implement. We also studied techniques for evaluating training programs effectiveness and the methodology used, in doing so. In conclusion we analyzed the information and presented a model for creating, implementing and evaluating training programs. The model suggests a training program based on the corporate goals, integrating management methodology and evaluation process from the start of the implementation program.


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