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Closed Project

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Spring 1995


Dundar Kocaoglu

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Project Management in Engineerng and Technology

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ETM 545


The Global economy has developed numerous different industries. Each industry has common features such as the need for capital, marketing, and management. Of course, with each industry, there are unique characteristics that must be examined and addressed to ensure firms are successful. The same is true for project management. Even though there are common elements within all projects, the differences in industries will affect the relative weight of project management characteristics. How does the existence of a fast product life cycle affect how projects are managed? These are some of the issues that we would like to examine in the project. To understand how project management differs among industries, we examined four different types of industries. A comparison was completed between the system environment in the industries and how it affected the style of project management used. The four industries are High Technology, Traditional Manufacturing, Utility Electric, and Government projects. The data used for the conclusions made in the paper were derived from a literature search, review of project management case studies, and interviews with different companies representing each different industry.


This project is only available to students, faculty, and staff of Portland State University.

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