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Closed Project

Publication Date

Fall 2001


Timothy Anderson

Course Title

Operations Research in Engineering and Technology Management

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EMGT 540/640


United States. Indian Health Service -- Management, Indians of North America -- Medical care, Mathematical optimization, Linear programming, Operations research


The Indian Health Service (IHS) Agency, a department of the Public Health and Human Services gave conditional use of their guidelines, department and methodology for selecting and completing projects. IHS currently uses a set of general guidelines for determining the time, and number of personnel needed, despite the different size projects and their costs.

Money, time and resources are limited and an optimization model tool for proper selection and allocation of time and money would greatly benefit IHS. We need to find, more realistic values, for time and personnel, of various size projects have been given to develop a more useful tool in comparison and justification of IHS time and resources.

This report discusses improving the current way of selecting projects, plus the utilization of time and personnel, by implementing optimization models. Also recommended is Visual Basics, a user-friendly tool that eases interfacing with the model and allows the user to customize the data and simulate scenarios to base decisions upon.


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