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Closed Project

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Fall 2001


Dragan Milosevic

Course Title

Project Management Framework

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EMGT 510/610


Project management, Strategic management, Patient monitoring equipment industry -- Management, Decision making


Despite being acquired by a larger conglomerate, LHD Corporation has an excellent reputation as a specialty leader in the medical monitoring industry. Their products are sold worldwide and have been profitable throughout the years. In its efforts to remain at the top, the company had explored integrating Project Management within its organization. It is a management style fully accepted by LHD Executives, who felt that in order to sustain its dominance, integration of PM would be a viable solution that would lead the company's road to success. In assessing the organization through internal analyses, it was determined that the existing enterprise software was obsolete and not as highly integrated as originally thought. Project Management was being practiced autonomously, with none of the managers sharing tools and methodologies. In rectifying the situation, the company determined three alternatives. These alternatives included retraining all employees on the existing enterprise system, rehauling the existing software and integrating a new enterprise system, or the creation of a Project Support Office to provide training and promoting the usage of Project Management practices. It was determined that these alternatives would be the most viable to implement as soon as possible.

After thorough analysis, the decision made by LHD Executives included a hybrid of two alternatives: creating a Project Support Office and integrating new integrated enterprise software. Implementation was carried through despite the behavioral resistance regarding new training. The actual implementation time took longer than expected, but the results from the implementation included greater efficiency, cost reductions, decrease in time-to-market, increase in communication, and greater market share. The benefits have outweighed any problems that had arisen in implementing and have proven that Project Management applications are invaluable to LHD.


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