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Winter 2018


Tugrul Daim

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Management of Engineering and Technology

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EMGT 520/620


Transportation -- Planning, Transportation -- Technological innovations, Technology roadmaps, Technology -- Management


Transportation has evolved through time witnessing an expansion of the different modes of transport. Due to the various technological and organizational breakthroughs and with the arrival of ‘information everywhere’ in this digital age, one could imagine the future of transportation to be massively networked, user centered, integrated and dynamically priced too. As complex and challenging this could be, it is essential for new models of private and public collaboration, coupled with technological innovation. Today, Hyperloop is a result of one such innovation and is referred to as the fifth mode of transport in the near future. Different companies are integrating efforts towards its development.

Our current research therefore focuses on one such company called, Hyperloop One and we analyze through our work, the different fundamentals and various factors affecting the company’s roadmap for the development of the Hyperloop.


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