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Closed Project

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Winter 2018


Ramin Neshati

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Decision Making in Engineering and Technology Management

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EMGT 530/630


Electric utilities -- Management, Electric batteries -- Technological innovations, Technological innovations -- Management, Hierarchical Decision Model, Decision making


Battery energy storage is a fast changing technology that is quickly becoming commercially viable in multiple applications. Electric power utilities are in a unique situation in which they have multiple options on how to utilize energy storage to their advantage. They could encourage their customers to purchase and install and thereby lower the peak electricity usage and eliminate some system upgrades or future generation plants, or they could purchase and install the equipment themselves, to achieve a similar goal. There are many factors that go into this decision: economic factors such as cost, political factors such as energy storage policy, and technical factors such as grid support, and these decision factors can be difficult to navigate and map out. As a way of answering the question of where energy storage should be implemented, a hierarchical decision model (HDM) is constructed by mapping out these various factors. Six experts in the field were asked to evaluate the model in a pairwise comparison format. Each of the six experts comes from a slightly different area of the power industry. The results of the model are split almost exactly, with a slight leaning towards a centralized battery. This model should be furthered by expanding the expert pool. Additional decision making techniques should also be used to evaluate the decision such as technology road mapping, power flow analysis, and economic return on investment analysis.


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