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Winter 2018


Ramin Neshati

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Decision Making in Engineering and Technology Management

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EMGT 530/630


Internet telephony -- Management, Internet service providers -- Selection and appointment -- Mathematical models, Decision making, Hierarchical Decision Model


Most technical researchers expect VoIP will lead the future communications. VoIP services are offered by a wide range of providers based on the customer’s intended business or corporate need. It is thus plausible for any entity to do a well detailed research on selecting best VoIP provider that would maximize the efficiency of their work. In a hierarchical structure of a given organization the choice of VoIP is determined by the number of users through the different protocols, number of devices that are required to attain a complete network, the most lucrative choice will also be based on multi criteria of the VoIP keeping in mind that the output of the preferred VoIP should be worth its cost in terms of sustainability of service provided.

To come with a good network design, it is paramount that you familiarize with all the inner networking designs as well as the latest technology. There are many challenges that face VoIP and these can be addressed using the best decision making selection which can be arrived at using the hierarchical decision model (HDM). The model takes into account various VoIP options as outlined and judged by experts. After this step, a HDM is used as a software to compare tangible factors and rank them according to priority by means of pairwise comparison.

The analytical model consisted of levels that include: objective, criteria, sub-criteria, and alternatives which they are the main decision factors. Groups of experienced telecommunication and experts’ diversity were invited from different firms to provide the correct judgement concerning the best VoIP option. From the research, the most feasible alternative was Google voice. In addition, all the other options could generate same results but were not as effective as Google voice and may require further research. It was clear from the research that following the correct perspectives and criteria was key to successful research. The research question is what is the best selected service provider through multiple alternatives?


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