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Winter 2018


Antonie Jetter

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Technology Marketing

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ETM 555/655


Sustainable architecture, Domestic architecture -- Environmental aspects, Dwellings -- Energy conservation, Technology -- Marketing, Tesla Motors


This marketing plan for Tesla roof has been written to find the best marketing strategies for this new product. Tesla roof was launched in 2017 as part of Tesla’s mission to accelerate the transition of the world into sustainable energy. The objective is to position Tesla roof tile as the first choice for homeowners seeking aesthetics and green energy, gaining market share within three years. The research shows that positioning Tesla roof in the solar market would be the most suitable approach for Tesla. Research and customer interviews analysis implies that the value proposition for this solar roof would be its ability to produce green energy and its aesthetic look. This makes the innovators the first target of Tesla roof. The innovators are defined as the green energy adopters and technology enthusiasts. Based on the market analysis, there is a market of $1.8 Billion for this first target. However, this is only the 30% of the potential solar market, which has a total market of $3.92 Billion with a 16% annual growth. This total market could be reached after crossing the Chasm period with applying the Bowling alley strategy. This strategy should focuses on reducing the cost to reach the early majority of this market who are defined as the economic green energy adopters.


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