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Winter 2018


Antonie Jetter

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Technology Marketing

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ETM 555/655


Organic electronics -- Applications to television manufacturing, LG Chŏnja -- Management, Television display systems -- Technological innovations, Technology -- Marketing


LG continues its legacy as the industry leader in television technology with their new 65” OLED rollable television ushers in a new generation of big screen entertainment. The large but lightweight and impressive resolution paired with the ability to adjust the screen size makes this television a true score for high-end consumers looking for the very latest technology for television and gaming.

The rollable television is expected to land squarely within the $326 Billion consumer electronics market. While we believe that the majority of purchases will remain typical to the smaller television market, there may be some bleed over to the computer peripheral market as well. This is because of the increased use of televisions to access internet content coupled with a decreased use of desktop computers. Depending on how well the portable aspect of the television is received by early adopters, consumer uses may also overlap laptops and projectors.

In order to reach a customer base that is passionate about new technology and values novelty over price, we decided to pursue early adopters of the U.S. online multiplayer console gamer community. The early adopters will then help galvanize a fanbase for the rollable tv and pull in more of the market of around 7 million people. The most important features expected to drive purchases are the optional curved screen, the adjustable aspect ratio, and the state-of-the-art resolution. The television also offers the option of portability so that gamers can bring their televisions to gaming parties. However, it is unclear if the technology push will create new behaviors or the option will go untapped.

In order to reach the early adopters, we will ensure visibility at the popular gaming and technology expos around the U.S. so that potential consumers can get an up close feel for the tech. Additionally, reports from official and unofficial sources at the expos will help spread word-of-mouth excitement for the televisions before they are officially released. With a price tag between $8-10k, generating buzz around the release will be particularly important to bring in early adopters that can afford, or will find a way to afford, our must-have new tech.

With a total marketing budget of about $170 million, focus will be placed on getting the televisions in front of consumers, even when point-of-sale is expected to be online. Sales in-store will be bolstered by special placement on the sales floors while online sales will highlight the lightweight feature of the television without the need to hire movers or guard doorways.


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