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Closed Project

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Fall 1998


Dundar Kocaoglu

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ETM 520


In this paper, the author, Aaron J. Shenhar, tried to match the project management and organizational style with the specific project type. He classified the project type by using two criteria—the technical uncertainty, and the system scope. In technological uncertainty criteria, he classified the project by concerning about the level of technological uncertainty—low, medium, high, and super high. In the scope system criteria, he classified the project according to the level of hierarchical scale—assembly, system, and array. These two criteria were combine into a two-dimensional theoretical model for the classification of technical project. Shenhar believed that each type of projects should have it own management style. He also believed that a proper project classification prior to the project initiation and carefully selected management style might lead to better implementation and to an increased chance of project success. Mismatching between a project and a project management style could lead a project to fail.


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