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Closed Project

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Summer 2000

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Reengineering the Technical Enterprise

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EMGT 563/663



Super Silicon Co. realized their facility was inefficient due to added technologies and specs since the time it was first built. Over a tenyear period many technologies were added that were not known or conceptualized at the time the fab was designed. As additional measurements and tighter specs were added, they were located in the fab where floor space could be found, or special clean rooms were added for the new technologies. This created ergonomic inefficiencies that jeopardized the quality of the product. The company was going through a changing phase and planning a new Fab. They realized that they needed to be more competitive in order to maintain their market share and profitability. Three integrated processes were implemented in the new Fab. Rework and customer returns were 20% less than with the old process and throughput was 30% more efficient.


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