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Closed Project

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Winter 1999


Dragan Milosovic

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Communication and Team Building

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ETM 522


Throughout the development of our team, we used Scholtes' Team Growth model to describe the stages we progressed through. Although we were able to use the model to pinpoint our growth as a team, it was an incomplete model to help us understand why we experienced our problems, particularly later in the process. On the other hand, Snow's taskoriented model prescribed the actual tasks necessary to develop into a productive team. By comparing our team's growth to Snow's model, we realized that we had missed a vital step, Investing. We were able to understand the reason we dropped back to Storming was because we had missed this Investing stage and never justified the legitimacy of the team in our minds nor discussed complete ground rules. Once we returned to complete the Investing stage, we were able to then progress forward into a productive team.


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