Document Type

Closed Project

Publication Date

Winter 2018


Timothy Anderson

Course Title

Operations Research

Course Number

EMGT 540/640


Mathematical optimization -- Applications to shift scheduling, System analysis -- Mathematical models, United States. Forest Service -- Management, Operational research


The United States Forest Service is a governmental entity that includes the Forest Inventory Analysis (FIA) unit. The FIA unit is tasked with surveying forestry across the country and providing that data to the government, as required by law. For the purpose of this optimization research study, the Oregon FIA is interviewed, consulted, and their data is analyzed. The data provided by FIA is used to create a Multi-Objective Linear Program (MOLP).

Findings from the literature proved inconclusive and thus reliance upon actual data from FIA was required. Specifically, distance to plot along with plot hardship with regard to seasonality data was used to create the MOLP.

The MOLP was iterated, results were reported back to FIA, and then iterated again until a suitable model was created and then presented back to FIA. Future research may include further refinement of the model, data sets, and application to other states as well as follow-up with FIA to determine if the findings of this study were in fact, useful.


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