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Closed Project

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Spring 2015


Antonie J. Jetter

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Technology Marketing

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ETM 555/655


Mother and Cookies from is one of the newly launched IoT (Internet of Things) products to the family consumers in the market place last year. It provides a motionsensor- based technological ecosystem which could monitor and manage daily activities of those who most need it easily -- the elder people in Home Care. From a marketing research, the in home elder care is raising as one of the hottest topics of the healthcare field, especially for the people who may not really be able to accompany with their elder parents in the home who may need some slide in home caring. The current solutions by install the regular home security system and using the caring personals would cost around $3,200 per month which could be a big budget for the housekeeping expends. There would be a need for an easy-setup, cheap, sensitive, reliable, user-friendly, live data, and mobile connected solution for the in home elder caring. As the population data of elder people in U.S. from the last five years, there is an expected growth rate of 3% per year. Even if only 1% of the elder people would need to use our product for the in home caring, the market size will be expected to around 230,000 units around the States at the year of 2020, which would bring an expected profit around $28.7 million within 5 years until 2020. There would still be a product development period for our in home elder care application packages before launch this whole product into the market place, which would take 6 months. We will work on integrating the hardware and mobile application in the elder care package for our consumers, for both major mobile systems (IOS and Android). There would be two major profit streams of our business plan for the elder care solution: The first profit stream is from the selling profit of the Mother and Cookies product follows their posted prices with our hardware package plans; the second profit stream would from the subscriptions on the mobile applications. From our marketing research, as many as 12 cookies with 1 mother would be fully functional for the in home caring purpose. Since the IoT products is in an extremely growing demand from the technology market places, the in home elder care system that with Mother and Cookies could become really profitable. This technology also be interested to the young people, which could help them to get the live data of their in-home loved ones anytime, to know their status easily than before.


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