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Closed Project

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Spring 2001


Dragan Milosevic

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Total Quality Management

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EMGT 560/660


Total quality management -- Applications to team sports, Total quality management -- Methodology, Portland State University. Peter W. Stott Center -- Management


Men Locker Room, or so called MLR, is one of the facilities at Peter Stott Center which is a recreational building funded by Peter Stott Foundation and PSU. The location of Men Locker Room is in the underground level, surrounding with other services provided by Peter Stott Center; such as women's locker room, circuit room, range room, racquet courts, and weight room. It, basically, provides any single user the basket or locker, clean towel and clothes with the full laundry service. Inside the MLR's area, there are also several facility sections, such as the showering area, restrooms and a sauna room to accommodate the customers.

We, QITI, have chosen Men Locker Room as our target organization because MLR has an appropriate size with which we believe that we can cope within the limited timeframe, 3 months. Moreover, MLR has never introduced any quality implement initiative since its creation and, as a result, there are some problems embedded in terms of MLR services and customer complains. The objective of this paper is to propose the design and implementation to improve the "Quality" of services in MLR. The focus of our paper is merely on MLR section where it interacts with some other elements inside Peter Stott Center. The goal is to make customer satisfied with the highest quality delivery from MLR. In short, this project is designed to achieve the highest desire results for customers.


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