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Closed Project

Publication Date

Summer 1997


Dragan Milosevic

Course Number

EMGT 590/690


This study was conducted to investigate how Saudi management leadership is different from the American management. The leadership style of Americans has been investigated in a previous study. In order to make a comparison between Saudi managers and American managers, we used the same leadership factors in our study. We use the Pair- Wise Comparison method to analyze the data we had from a sample of 25 Saudi managers. This method gave us the order of leadership factors according to their importance as they are perceived by Saudi managers. There were a significant difference in the ranking between the two groups. T-test was used to find out if there is a difference in perceiving leadership as a whole, and we could not draw a significant difference from this test. Finally, t-test was applied for every single factors of leadership by itself. The results showed a very significant difference (significance level =0.05) in four of the factors which are Empowerment, Direct and Control, Planning, and Character.


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