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Closed Project

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Winter 2001


Dundar Kocaoglu

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Decision Making in Engineering and Technology Management

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EMGT 530/630


Portland State University. Office of Information Technology -- Management, Uninterruptible power supply -- Decision making, Technology -- Management, Engineering management, Hierarchical Decision Modeling


In the government-based institutions, the decision making process is complex as it goes through bureaucratic system up to the person in charge of execution. Furthermore, the process becomes even harder when a number of technologies are involved. This is the situation PSU-OIT faced when the institution was purchasing UPS system 4 years ago. PSU top management had to allocate resources within the institution's budget according to the OIT department's proposal. Within budget constraint, OIT Department had to formulate UPS requirements according to their network and communication needs and send these requirements to different UPS suppliers for the bidding process. After receiving the demand formulation, these suppliers, in turn, informed the OIT department the best of UPS they could supply. Then, came the toughest stage of selecting that offer which was supposed to be the best according to the PSU network needs. It is worth mentioning, here, that the decision was hanging at balance between the two UPS brand names: Liebert and Exide and the OIT Department's choice ended up to be Liebert. Liebert was therefore purchased and the offer of Exide was turned down. This is the stage that is of interest in this report.


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