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Winter 2020


Vera Sell

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Technology Marketing

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ETM 555


Wearable technology, Technology -- Marketing, Artificial intelligence, Shoes -- Technological innovation, Biometrics


Smart Soles aims to further expand the realm of smart wearable technology with its smart insoles focused on biometric tracking and customized insole comfort. This product provides Dr. Scholl’s with a means to enter and capture much of the early market for smart insoles. Smart Soles is continuing Dr. Scholl’s history of foot products while adding technology to disrupt the stagnant and primitive insoles market. Company objective: Dr. Scholl’s main objective with Smart Soles is to enter and capture some of the smart wearables market by adding smart, biometric tracking insoles to its portfolio. Smart Soles will utilize Dr. Scholl’s insole technology and distribution chains to launch the product. The “smart” technology comes from the Smart Soles intellectual property (IP) which encompasses sensors calibrated to measure human biometrics, and automatic adjusting technology utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to inflate and deflate small air pockets in the insoles to ensure customized comfort. The insoles and the data they collect can be accessed from an app that Dr. Scholl’s will make available on any smartphone, giving users the power to track their biometrics and biomechanical data. In addition to providing users constant customized comfort with the auto-adjusting insoles, tracking biometrics will encourage and empower an active and health conscious lifestyle. In the long term, this product will bring Dr. Scholl’s portfolio back into relevance from a stagnating market and adhere to the lasting history of providing quality foot products to customers around the world.


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