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Closed Project

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Winter 2015


Fatima Albar

Course Title

Communication and Team Building in Engineering Management

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ETM 522/622


Our team found this Communication and Team Building course turned out to be a fascinating journey in working together. Like most classes, you begin with the end in mind; everyone desires an excellent final grade and there is a lot of expectation in the beginning. The group was comprised of one electrical engineering student, one mechanical engineering student, and two engineering and technology management students, three of whom this was their first exposure to any ETM course. All of our team members came from various cultural backgrounds with a Kuwaiti, a Saudi, a Chinese, and an American. We had a spread of ages ranging from just out of undergraduate, to middle-aged, two members with families, one just starting their family, three babies on the way, and one not even thinking about that stage of life yet. Through this course, this rag-tag assembly of students committed to each other to succeed and in doing so achieved a great example of what it means to form and engage as a team.


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