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Winter 2020


Vera Sell

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Technology Marketing

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ETM 555


Wearable technology, Technology -- Marketing, Clothing -- Technological innovations, Nike (Firm) -- Management


An investigative marketing team at Nike has identified an opportunity to acquire the rights to a new Smart Fabric technology. First-pass feasibility investigations look promising: discussion between a Nike engineer and the company that owns the technology paints a plausible picture, and the claimed technical specifications of the material performance imply a promising potential in Nike products. R&D dollars will need to be dedicated in order to nail down the actual performance of these potential products, and New Product Introduction teams will need to investigate the capability to produce and scale.

Does the market landscape warrant allocating resources to a more in depth investigation? The investigative marketing team will perform a zero-added-budget examination of the market fit and opportunity. If the results are promising, the investigation will be presented to the leader of their business unit to recommend funding be dedicated to perform more in depth R&D and NPI investigations, as well as to purchase the market reports and fund the market studies to verify the assumptions made by the marketing team.


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