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Fall 2020


Charles Weber

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Communication and Team Building

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ETM 522


Virtual work teams -- Management, Virtual work teams -- Decision making, Technology -- Management, Knowledge management, Corporate culture


For many organizations, knowledge transfer whether in a co-location setting or virtual setting is one of the most important and challenging aspects of overall knowledge management infrastructure. The purpose of this research report is to explore the challenges faced by ad hoc virtual teams for achieving effective knowledge transfer between the members. In the year 2020, due to a pandemic caused by COVID-19, many industries were forced to follow physical distancing guidelines for the health and safety of their employees. This required many co-location teams to become ad hoc virtual teams. As success of a new member(s) in a team can heavily depend on how well the knowledge was transferred during the on boarding period, research focus for this report further narrowed down to highlight the challenges organizations face to achieve effective knowledge transfer for new members in ad hoc virtual team settings. Literature review has been done and survey questions were developed based on learnings from literature review. Survey questions were formed to collect information from managers & team members on knowledge transfer challenges in virtual environments. 71 survey responses were received, and data was analyzed. Based on this analysis, few practices were proposed to potentially address some of the major challenges reported in the survey.


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