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Winter 2021


Tugrul Daim

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Decision Making in Engineering and Technology Management

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ETM 530


Automobiles -- Purchasing -- Decision making, Decision support systems, Engineering -- Management, Hierarchical decision modeling


During the Covid-19 pandemic, a shift in the way people do things has been seen across many different industries, the automobile industry is not the exception, new car production and distribution has decreased based on the restrictions placed by many countries to ensure the safety of its citizens, this has made it quite difficult on the new car dealerships, in addition, people are seeing that the need for a car has gone down significantly since working from home has become a more and more common. However, there is a sector of the automotive industry that is having a boom, used cars. The used car sales sector is seeing a big increase due to mainly two factors, first, essential workers are still required to show up to work and are required transportation due to the reduction and/or fear on using mass transportation; and second, with the many layoffs that happened in the early months of the pandemic, people were unable to make the payments or needed a cheaper option from their current vehicles.

In this project, our team decided to look a bit more into this situation and create a comparison between the many alternatives that are available to sellers wanting to sell or change their vehicles. The main focus was to try and identify what are the most important factors that people look for when trying to sell a car and match these factors to the different alternatives that are available locally or online so the sellers get the best value from their sell, in short, we wanted to find out which is the best car-selling service available in the US that brings the best value to a person trying to sell their vehicle in today’s market?

An HDM, model is then created in order to create an expert comparison between the criteria identified previously and some of the services available, from selling individually, trade-in, selling to a used car dealership, and hiring an agent, in order to come up to the best solution to our dilemma.


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