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Winter 2022


Husam Barham

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Project Management

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ETM 545


Affordable housing, Shelters for the homeless, Construction contracts, Sustainable development


Recently, there has been an increasing lack of affordable homes. Since rent, prices, gas, and other utilities continue to rise, wages (especially for low-income individuals) have stayed constant throughout the country. This has caused numerous citizens to not be able to afford a home or even pay rent. This situation has caused a large surge in the homeless community, and it is estimated that approximately 37,500 individuals per day are in need of housing throughout the Pacific Northwest as of January 2020. [1] In response to this issue, our team has provided a goal to provide trendy and affordable homes for the homeless community. This will allow people to afford homes without having to break the bank. Our team will produce 3D-printing affordable housing that will help address the homeless community and integrate into a peaceful lifestyle and united community. We plan to present this project proposal for funding from the Seattle City Council which has a 2022 Housing Budget of $170 million, and the City of Portland which has at least $16 million allocated for new housing projects in 2022. [2, 3] We also plan to seek funding from other angel investors in the Pacific Northwest such as Portland Seed Fund, Cascade Seed Fund, Women’s VC Fund II, Oregon Entrepreneurs Network, Alliance of Angels, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


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