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Closed Project

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Winter 2022


Tugrul Daim

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Decision Making

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ETM 530


More than ever before, organizations are contending with technological threats to the productivity, profitability, and safety of their employees and customers. More than arguably any other establishment, the Healthcare system and industry face the highest stakes as it pertains to cyber security. Whether it be from malicious actors, hardware failures and flawless redundancy, or disgruntled employees, managing cyber security and being able to identify opportunities will continue to be crucial for management, executives, and IT professionals. Not only do these threats challenge organizations but threaten their existence; with financial consequences both in requirements to remediate and penalties for failing to protect their employees and patience, Healthcare organizations, now more than ever must be prepared to face these threats using cutting edge technology, expert project management, and leaders who can provide guidance and direction to their teams.

Within this analysis, Master's students analyzing data retrieved from a C-suite IT Executive at OHSU will interpret Dr. Bridget Barnes Multi-Criteria Decision Model, and apply this model to the data received. Multi-Criteria Decision Modeling (MCDM) is ideal for this circumstance because in so many cases, it’s not clear where significant threats or opportunities lie. Through Dr. Bridget Barnes ’ research, participants can leverage the expert analysis of cyber security prioritization and weigh their organization's performance against that assessment. With this information, results can be furnished along with interpretation that will help to identify opportunities for investment and reinforcement in focus and resources. This “Maturity Model” is unique within the “universe” of cyber security assessment tools that are broadly available as they provide a zero-sum analysis of “any and all deficiencies must be corrected”. The model that will be applied in this analysis not only identifies potential opportunities but provides a recommendation of ranking to guide decision making.


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