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Closed Project

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Winter 2015


Charles Weber

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Knowledge Management

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ETM 567/667


In recent years the global mobile market is has been growing noticeably with year on year growth of 23% over Q3 2013 and shipments have exceeded 300 Million unit in one quarter for the first time [1] both in terms of value and volume and is expected to continue to grow [2]. One more noticeable trend is that the market is becoming more competitive, during Q4 2013 Samsung & Apple together accounted for 48% of the market, and in Q4 2014 this had slipped to 38%. In recent years Intel has been facing major obstacles and challenges as they try to gain a larger share in the smartphone processor market, currently Intel is #5 with ~3%of the market share trailing Qualcomm (~33%), MediaTek (~19%), Apple (17%) & Spreadtrum (~8%) [3]. For this paper I will conduct interviews to understand the strategy that Intel is using to gain additional market share and use Porter’s five force model to assess Intel’s stand in the smartphone marketplace and to identify areas\strategies that might help Intel gain higher market share. In this paper I attempted to analyze Intel current strategy looking at both current information and using porters five force model and I came to the following strategic recommendations.


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