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Closed Project

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Winter 2014


Ron Khormaei

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Technology Marketing

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ETM 555/655


Battery chargers -- Technological innovations, Solar energy, Battery chargers -- Marketing, Technology -- Marketing, Marketing plans


Third Wave Power Ltd, developer of the ‘mPowerPad’ line of portable solar chargers, seeks to enter the US Market with one or more of its products. An in-depth market analysis and consumer segmentation approach enabled the authors of this paper to identify what specific target markets in the U.S. offer the greatest initial market opportunity for the mPowerPad product, and was used to frame the product’s unique value proposition. Although Third Wave Power has four models of the mPowerPad in its current product line, the mPowerPad 2 Pro was specifically selected as the optimal product with which to enter the U.S. market, given its current features and within the constraints of the existing product line. The fact that the mPowerPad 2 offers portable, renewable, green power for multiple users is used as the key differentiator and unique value proposition. It meets the power needs of today’s social and active mobile device users. Based on this research, two primary market segments are identified, and a marketing plan is outlined for an orchestrated plan for entering and saturating these markets in the next five years. Current industry trends, consumer needs, and brand positioning are considered, and used to competitively position the mPowerPad in the marketplace as well as for future growth.


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