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Closed Project

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Fall 2012


Tugrul Daim

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Technology Assessment and Acquisition

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ETM 531


Electric vehicles -- Batteries -- Evaluation, Technology assessment, Technological forecasting


With the increasing interest in environmental consciousness as well as green product markets in the last two decades, many car makers have jumped to the opportunity of acquiring a share in the electric vehicle market. For an electric car, the battery is the most expensive and the less environmentally friendly part [1]. Most experts agree that prices for energy storage will fall in coming years, but disagree over how far and how quickly. This is an important debate because a significant drop in battery prices could have wide-ranging effects across industries and society itself. In particular, cheaper batteries could enable the broader adoption of electrified vehicles, potentially disrupting the transportation, power, and petroleum sectors [2]. Our project will assess the current leading battery technologies in the market and provide the best alternative assessed by using concepts and tools found in Technology Assessment and Acquisition.


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