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Closed Project

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Fall 2016


Ron Khormaei

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Strategic Planning in Engineering Management

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ETM 5/5/625


Technological innovations--Management, Strategic planning, Organizational effectiveness.


Clarice cleansing devices and accessories are the products that are invented to reveal younger and healthier looking skin every day. The Clarice face cleansing brushes and accessories were designed using the sonic skin cleansing technique after much popularity gained by the sonic tooth brushes. The sonic technology that was invented in 2004 continues to make progress, with its facial brush, accessories and upgraded cleansing tools and brushes. This device by Clarice later acquired by L’Oreal provides a 6 times better cleaning and exfoliating treatment to the skin, rewarding a spa like feeling of soother and clearer skin with every use[1]. Through this project we have presented a thorough analysis of the customer, and by understanding their feedback, a roadmap for future product line is presented. Our strategic plans includes expansion of the company on a geographical platform, as well as introduction of accessories and features to the existing technology


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