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Closed Project

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Fall 2016


Ron Khormaei

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Strategic Planning in Engineering Management

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ETM 525/625


Engineering -- Management -- Case studies, Battery chargers -- Marketing, Business planning, Ossia Inc. -- Strategic planning


Technology and science are changing the daily activities and revolutionizing the normal human lives. These technological and scientific breakthroughs are usually making our lives simpler and changing the way we do things. In many aspects and views, life is getting more collaborated whether in transportation, communication, or in power transmitting. This revolution in technology and science leads to many futuristic applications in our lives. Wireless charging technology is one of the existence applications that benefits from this peak. This application has become an important trend as it can solve many existing problems in many fields. While wireless charging technology over years, a new form of this technology has highlighted the roadmap of the future of this technology where devices can be charged over a distance without the need chargers and cords by using the Radio Frequency waves to transmit power.

The aim of this report is to define the strategy aspects of Ossia, one of the startup companies that have introduced this technology, by producing a wireless charger named “Cota”. The definition of the strategy aspects will answer the following questions: “What is the company mission, vision, and goals? What are the value propositions?”. Moreover, we also cover the targeted customer segments for the value proposition and the identification of the product strategy and the market strategy. Finally, some suggestions and thoughts for future research.


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