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Closed Project

Publication Date

Fall 2012


Timothy Anderson

Course Title

Operations Research

Course Number

ETM 540/640


Microprocessors, Technology -- Management, Technological forecasting, Data envelopment analysis


Technological advancements in the microprocessor industry are benchmarked and gauged against a set of diverse criteria specific to the fabrication process, usage as well as achieved performance. The changing trends in the appeal factor as well as wide variety of growing application of microprocessors in different industries can have a defining impact in the advancement of the technological features in future. This study is built on previous investigations in forecasting microprocessors’ technology and uses Technology Forecasting using Data Envelopment Analysis (TFDEA) methodology. It incorporates multiple variables that are affecting microprocessors’ future industry based on market priorities and customer’s specification preferences and aims at forecasting future microprocessor technology trends. The research uses the dataset collected by Stanford University, which holds a rich collection of microprocessor specifications from 17 factories for the past four decades, and is more recent compared to the dataset used in the former research. The result is a rate of change (RoC) that is based on much more recent dataset including the new generation of microprocessors (i.e. multi cores) and can be used to forecast the future microprocessor technology trends.


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