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Closed Project

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Fall 2012


Timothy Anderson

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Project Management

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ETM 545


Bridges -- Design and construction -- History, Bridges -- Design and construction -- Management, Civil engineering, Project management -- Evaluation


Project management is ever developing and changing as time, materials, and people’s imaginations change. Looking at a period in time to see the amount of change that has taken place between the project management skills of yesterday and today is a challenging factor in itself, but not impossible.

In many bridge construction projects it is noted that they can take many years to formulate a plan and find funds and materials to proceed with the project. The scope of this paper will be looking at the project management of the project itself from start of construction to completion with basis of our comparisons to be the Hover Bridge Bypass.

In this paper we will be looking at the differences in project management and technology advances by comparing a new bridge with bridges built in the past.

There are factors and sub factors that have affected project management of bridges. The factors we have identified are economic, political, social, technical, and environmental. The sub-factors (elements) will be identified later on to show the change of bridge project management over time.


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